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Visage Surgical Aesthetics – Non-surgical treatments with surgical precision.

Facial Rejuvenation, Migraine and Sweating treatments

The world of aesthetics clinics and treatments has exploded over the last decade and as a result, the marketplace is flooded with many poorly qualified and unscrupulous practitioners providing facial rejuvenation treatments.

Visage Surgical Aesthetics was established to provide safe and ethical facial aesthetic treatments by a fully qualified expert surgeon, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Professor Owen Judd


Professor Owen Judd is Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at The Royal Derby Hospital and Medical Director at the Mapperley Park Clinic in Nottingham.

Initially, Prof. Judd qualified as a Doctor from the University of Nottingham and trained in Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine and Paediatrics in the South West of England in 1998 before then concentrating on surgical training.

Subsequently he completed surgical training in the South West, Southampton, London and the East Midlands (Leicester, Derby, Nottingham) and is a Fellow of all four Royal Surgical Colleges of England, Ireland, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Prof. Judd has a special interest in Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics and has over 15 years experience in this field alone, and is a Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.  He has recently been honoured as one of the first recipients in the UK of the new combined Royal Colleges of Surgeons Certificate in Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic procedures (see below).

In addition to this, Prof. Judd is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in the UK. As a result, Prof. Judd has jointly pioneered an innovative new aesthetic technique called the timenet technique. This revolutionary procedure is the next generation of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, specifically non-surgical face-lift techniques, making Prof. Judd one of only two exclusive trainers in the UK for this new procedure.


Furthermore, Prof. Judd is a recognised lecturer and teacher and holds a prestigious International Visiting Professorship with BMJ India, as well as being an Honorary Associate (Clinical) Professor in Medical Education with the University of Nottingham. He previously held the position of Honorary Lecturer of the University of Leicester and has a Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Education and has consequently trained many medical students and junior doctors.  Additionally, Prof. Judd is actively involved in medical research and as a result has published over 60 scientific papers in national and international journals, in addition to having authored a number of textbooks.

With more than 5,000 satisfied patients have been treated with over 15,000 injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation, Prof. Judd is highly experienced in this field. Injectable treatments for Migraine and excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) are also available, as Prof. Judd is also an expert in complex facial pain, headache and migraine.


Professor Owen Judd’s Memberships: